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FAQ for Buyers

How much money should I bring to closing?
We will tell you as far in advance as possible.

How do I bring funds to the closing?
As a certified check made payable to yourself paid from the account that your lender directs you to use. Or by wire transfer.

What else should I bring to the closing?
Drivers license or the next best 2 forms of identification.Any outstanding documentation required by your lender.

Should I get a survey?
Absolutely, without qualfication: you should call a surveyor and order

FAQ for Sellers

What should I bring to the closing?
Your drivers license.

What should I look out for at the closing?
Make sure the sale price is correct.
Make sure the property tax information is correct.
Make sure your mortgage payoff amount is correct.

What will I leave with?
A settlement statement and a check from an escrow account.
Ask for a copy of your mortgage payoff statement.